TGW-919A Fiber Bragg Grating Temperature Sensing Fire Detection System

Manufacture: Notifire
Product code: TGW-919A

TGW-919A fiber grating temperature sensing fire detection system adopts advanced fiber grating transmission Sensing technology, wavelength division multiplexing technology and optical fiber grating multiplexing technology combined, the optical wavelength signal No. digital measurement, with no electromagnetic interference, small size, no electricity detection, flame-proof and explosion-proof, transmission It has the advantages of long transmission distance, suitable for harsh environments, etc., and has extremely high measurement accuracy and anti-interference ability It is suitable for safety monitoring in many fields such as transportation, petrochemical, and electric power.


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parameter TGW-919A Fiber Bragg Grating Temperature Sensing Fire Detection System

- Power supply mode: DC24V by DC power supply supply

- Working current: ≤800mA

-Alarm temperature factory setting: alarm 700c (adjustable)

-Ambient temperature: -10℃ ~ 50℃(signal processor)- 40℃ ~ 120℃(detector)

- Relative humidity: ≤90%

-Temperature measurement range: 0℃~95℃

-Response time: ≤30s

- Remote transmission distance: ≤20km -Output signal: 0.3A/30VDC passive contact 8 Yes, RS232/485 communication signal

-Explosion-proof grade: Exia ll CT6 (probe)[Exia]ll C (signal processor)

- Dimensions: 450mm X 130mm X 300mm

- Minimum bending radius of optical fiber: 250mm

-Type: Differential constant temperature, resettable function

characteristic TGW-919A Fiber Bragg Grating Temperature Sensing Fire Detection System

◆ Real-time online and all-weather monitoring of temperature provides important information for determining the location of the accident and the direction of fire spread. data

◆ Multi-level constant temperature alarm can be set, such as pre-alarm at 70°C, alarm at 90°C and take measures, and can be based on The environment is different and corrected. It is also possible to set multi-level differential temperature alarms, and users can customize each zone according to the actual situation. domain’s alarm temperature to provide early warning alerts

◆ The response time is short, and has nothing to do with the monitoring length and accuracy, and it can respond to temperature changes in time

◆ Adopting advanced digital measurement technology, it is not affected by factors such as light source fluctuation, connection loss, random vibration of optical cable, etc. Influence

◆ It can communicate with other external control devices through RS232/485 standard port or relay output. to network with other systems used in the fire protection field

◆ Flexible and convenient selection of probe position and density according to engineering needs

◆ Intrinsically flame-proof and explosion-proof

◆ With self-inspection function, through the self-inspection detector at the end, it can monitor its own operation in real time and output a fault alarm Sound and light signal

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