Woodang Korea Sprinkler Head

Supply Korean tyco sprinkler, UK tyco sprinkler head catalog, unlimited quantity, 12 month warranty, nationwide delivery..

Found in 1983, WOODANG has been a specialist in a Automatic Sprinkler Valve, Sprinkler Head and Heating System manufacturing and installation. With experiences accumulated for 40 years in the field, WOODANG has been providing outstanding technologies and services in terms of design, manufacturing and installation of equipment satisfying customer requirements and conditions of the site.

The 21st century is demanding change in companies, and WOODANG believes that the definition of a company is changing from being an organization making profit alone to being a social being that has the responsibility to deliver happiness to the public. WOODANG is preparing its half-century of advancements based on change and innovation, and it promises to become a trustworthy with advanced processes and the highest quality in order to establish itself a competitive future company which builds a happy world and a future that customers dream of.

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