Foam Pump System

The “foam” in a foam fire suppression system is a fire extinguishing agent that extinguishes flammable or combustible liquids by cooling and separating the source of ignition from the surface. Foam prevents and extinguishes fire as well as steam. It can also prevent regeneration. It is also known as ''fire-fighting foam''. This foaming agent is made up of small bubbles filled with air which has a lower density than water. Foam is made up of water, foam concentrate and air. Different manufacturers have their own foaming solutions and concentrates. The ratio of foam to water depends on the application. The foam containment system extinguishes the fire by separating the fuel from the oxygen. In more technical terms, these systems are used to “cool the fire and coat the fuel it is consuming to prevent exposure to oxygen and reduce the possibility of fire.” To do this, the extinguishing agent (foam) dulls or coats the surface of the fuel. The water content of the foam then cools the fuel and the foam area covers the fuel to prevent re-ignition of the flammable vapors.

Importing, consulting, designing and installing Vietnamese Foam foam fire extinguishing systems, HDfire, Viking, Newage.... providing full CO CQ inspection stamps...

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