Viking Fire Extinguishing System

Supplying Clean Gas Fire Extinguishing Systems, Viking, FM200, Clean Air Nozzles, VSH1230, VSH200 ⭐Free consultation 24/7 warranty, Please contact Dong Nam Company, 0917.911.114

Protecting damage-sensitive areas is simple with cULus Listed and FM Approved Oxeo extinguishing systems from Viking. Using inert gases Nitrogen and Argon, high-challenge applications such as data centers or server rooms are protected without the risk of secondary damage and with no environmental impact. Plus, this solution is excellent for Class A-C fires, with Argon being especially useful for Class D fires. It also allows gas to be extracted once the fire is suppressed, making entry into enclosed facilities/rooms safe again. Complete with an 80L tank capacity, 2,901 psi (200 bar) or 4,351 psi (300 bar) pressure rating and customized racking, this system is released electronically, requiring detection and a release control panel. System size is based on system zoning and detection and system zones are limited to 99 tanks per supply bank.

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