Sprinkler YoungJin Flex

YoungJin Sprinkler Head (Flex),Authorized dealer of YoungJin Flex Korea sprinkler heads with unlimited quantity, Quality reputation, Genuine warranty commitment ⭐ ✅ Contact now 0917911114 for a free consultation 24/7

  Youngjin Flex Co., Ltd. has been developing industrial equipment, industrial buildings, fire fighting environmental equipment (noise and dust protection) and factory equipment in Korea since 1991. Youngjin Flex products have received trust and good feedback from domestic and foreign customers. Thanks to the unremitting efforts and trust of customers, the company has been creating excellent industrial applications such as bellows, joints flexible joints, expansion joints, water hammer sprinkler heads and pipes. Evolution has received UL FM, LPCB, VdS, CNBOP, UL organization certification. 2018

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