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TANDA UK Ltd, has a strong management team and a capable R&D team, which has accumulated over 10 years of rich experience in design, production, and sales of intelligent fire alarm systems. TANDA UK Ltd operates as a subsidiary of TANDA Technology Ltd which has a production base occupying over 20,000 square meters area and is equipped with automatic SMT production lines with a total annual production capacity of 13,500,000 detectors and modules as well as 35,000 units of intelligent fire alarm control panels in strict conformity with ISO9001 and ISO14001

TANDA UK Ltd, with its high-quality products, visionary of R&D team, skills of marketing and sales team, accurate pricing TANDA has set its goal to position itself within the top 5 companies in the fire alarm industry within 5 years of gaining the certifications. For this goal, TANDA has put the fundamental stone for two active operation centers in the UK and Turkey in order to be close to clients and meet their requirements.
TANDA UK Ltd, always takes customers' needs above all priorities in order to deliver the best solutions that suit the requirements of market competition in terms of quality and technology without neglecting the great importance of the budget and after-sales services.
TANDA UK Ltd, has been founded to be the best choice for clients not only because of its product range and prices but also for its fundamental principle to providing clients with timely Sales and Technical support short cutting formalities barriers that usually reflect on the response time upon critical needs

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