Foam Liquids

AFFF Fire Extinguishing Foam Solution 1% - 3% - 6%, AFFF foam provides a fast, powerful means of handling flammable liquids. The foam forms a seal on the surface to prevent re-burning. Ideal for high-risk uses. Most commonly used in offices, garage front yards, factories and stores.

Foam fire extinguisher is a type of fire extinguisher that contains a large volume of durable foam solution filled with air with a density less than that of gasoline or water. To put it simply, fire extinguishing foam is made of 3 components including air, water and concentrated foam. First, water is mixed with concentrated foam to form a foam solution, then this solution is further mixed with air (sucking out all the air in the solution) and finally a curing foam is formed. Fire has many features to fight fires, also known as firefighting foam. DONATECH specializes in providing AFFF firefighting Foam solution 1% - 3% - 6%. Contact: 0917.911.114 - 0976.247.114

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