Joint Stock Company Trade Technical Technology Dong Nam specializes in consulting, designing, supplying and installing fire protection equipment including:

  • Fire alarm system.
  • Fire System.
  • Anti-lightning system.
  • Theft alarm system.
  • CCTV System and some other systems...
  • Main activities:

    1. Consulting service Fire protection system, Security system
    2. Service of providing equipment, fire protection system, security system
    3. Design, construction and installation services of fire protection systems, security systems
    4. Appraisal service of fire protection system, security system

    1/. Fire protection system:

    • Automatic sprinkler fire extinguishing system.
    • Wall fire fighting system, CO2 fire fighting, foaming foam fire fighting system.
    • Automatic fire alarm system (Mircom, Nohmi, Hochiki, Networx, Siemens, Ampac ..).
    • Classic and modern lightning protection system.
    • Direct lightning protection system.
    • Induction lightning protection system.

    2/. Design of fire protection system:

    Within 10 days from the date the Company receives the complete architectural dossier of the project.

    3/. Approval of fire protection records:

    Within 15 days from the date the investor provides a complete design dossier, technical explanation of the construction work, the application for approval of the fire protection system and the authorization letter for the Company to carry out the application procedure. appraisal and approval.

    4/. Acceptance and putting the project into use:

    After completing the construction of the work items, the investor invites the fire protection agency to directly inspect and take over and issue a related decision within 07 days.

    5/. Completion of the project:

    Project completion time within 07 working days.

    6/.Firefighting vehicles :

    Supply, maintain, repair, build new.
    - Car, train, honda fire fighting vehicle...
    - Specialized fire pumps: Tohatsu, Rabbit, Aquafast floating pumps...

    7/. Rescue and rescue equipment:

    -Gas masks, fireproof clothing, escape ladders, rescue mattresses...

    8/.Industrial refrigeration and electrical systems:

    The company has implemented many projects that have been put into operation effectively, meeting the design technical requirements, and being granted a certificate by the fire protection agency that the project meets the fire safety standards.

    Our company has a team of professional, enthusiastic, creative and thoughtful engineers and technical workers. We hope to serve you with the best results.

    We always operate with the motto: safety, efficiency. Always keep everyone safe.

With a team of highly qualified engineers and many years of experience in the field of fire protection, we look forward to the cooperation of our customers.
“DONATECH“ Will bring the best quality products, the most competitive prices, ensure the most optimal efficiency for all operating processes, contribute a part of efforts to the sustainable development of customers. With the motto of operation dynamic “Friendly cooperation, all parties benefit, comply with the law, quality and effective sales”

Thank you very much for your attention!

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