Ebara Fire Pump

Imported Ebara electric motor fire fighting pump EBARA pump ✔️ Ebara pump,Ebara pump catalog pdf ,Ebara submersible pump ,EBARA pump Selection Software ,Ebara pump catalog , Latest Ebara pump price list 2022, This electric pump series includes Many different pump types and models. Self-priming pumps, peripherals, of cast iron or steel, including those for swimming pools, allow EBARA to adapt to the most varied uses and applications thanks to their versatility, for a wide range of civil and industrial applications. EBARA always ensures efficiency and reliability for water pumping systems

Gas DWC and DWO surface pumps, with open or closed impeller respectively, as well as pump electric pumps of the CD, CDX and 2CDX series, all hydraulically constructed of AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel steel for versions (L) are pumps suitable for many different uses. The general clean water treatment, ideal for CDX or for use in industrial applications such as chillers, hydronic groups and washers where DWC and DWO are widely used is an example of the many possible uses. Powered by electric pump EBARA Extinguishing System AEPROSOL DSPA

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