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Price list, latest updated catalog, Tyco ty325 sprinkler head, tyco sprinkler head, Tyco sprinkler head specifications, tyco 4251 sprinkler head, Chinese sprinkler head catalog, tyco 68 sprinkler head, tyco hanoi sprinkler head , tyco horizontal rotating sprinkler heads, Unlimited quantities, 12 month warranty , Tyco UK high performance sprinkler heads protect tight spaces at a lower cost The Tyco® hallway sprinkler line has grown to include recessed mounting type and recessed mounting type. These special application sprinklers are UL listed and are specifically designed for use in long, narrow spaces such as hallways and hallways. Both sprinklers have a maximum coverage area of 28 ft x 10 ft (8.5 m x 3.1 m) and have a maximum working pressure of 250 psi (17.2 bar). This line of sprinklers offers the cost-saving benefit of requiring fewer sprinklers at lower design pressures than standard coating sprinklers.

Supply all kinds of tyco nozzles TY3111, TY3211, TY4111, TY4211, TY4811, TY4911, TY1121 TY1221 TY3121 TY3221 TY4121 TY4221, TY1151 TY1251 TY4851 TY4951 TY4151

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