JTQB-CF-XSS620 JTQB-CF-XSS621 Combustible Gas Detector

Product code: JTQB-CF-XSS620 JTQB-CF-XSS621

The combustible gas detector in the 600 series gas detector is a high-performance gas Detector, built-in MCU, high-quality British CITY sensor, combined with advanced digital processing technology technology, which can comprehensively monitor various combustible gases in indoor and outdoor environments, and output the monitoring signals to Out to the gas alarm controller. The detector can also be easily connected to other secondary instruments and control In the system, the shell is made of cast aluminum alloy, the surface is painted, waterproof, dustproof, corrosion-resistant, explosion-proof, etc. The grade is Exd IIC T6, and the protection grade is IP66, which can meet the requirements of various environments.


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Product information

The JTQB-CF-XSS620 JTQB-CF-XSS621 Combustible Gas Detector  is used in petroleum, chemical, steel, fire protection, electric power, environmental protection, medicine and other industries Wide range, in special industrial installations or production processes, it can be installed in specific detection Real-time monitoring of various combustible gases.

Parameter JTQB-CF-XSS620 JTQB-CF-XSS621 Combustible Gas Detector 

- Detection gas: natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, coal Gas, gasoline, diesel, hydrogen, alkanes, hydrocarbons, alcohols, Various flammable gases in the air such as ketones and benzene

- Detection range: 0-l00%LEL

- Resolution: 1% LEL

- Detection principle: catalytic combustion type

- Sampling method: Diffusion

- Output signal: three-wire system 4-20mA RS485 (Moudbus protocol) 2 sets of relays, capacity 24VDC@1A

- Input voltage: 24VDC (18-24VDC), max. High current lOOmA

- Alarm setting: 10%LEL - 50%LEL setting

- Flameproof grade: Exd IIC T6

- Degree of protection: IP66

- Accuracy: ±5%F.S

- Repeatability: ±2%F.S

- Response time: T90<30 seconds

- Power consumption: <1W

- Working temperature: -20℃- 55℃

- Working Humidity: 10%RH - 95%RH None condensation

- Ambient pressure: (86-115) kPa

- Installation method: wall-mounted or column-mounted

- Shell material: cast aluminum alloy

- Explosion-proof connection thread:

- Sensor working life: >3 years

- 4-20mA output connection cable specification: 3-core screen shielded cable, RVVP 3 x l.0mm2 (<200)

- RS485 output connection cable specification: 4-core screen shielded cable, RVVP 4 x 1.0mm2

characteristic JTQB-CF-XSS620 JTQB-CF-XSS621 Combustible Gas Detector 

◆Use the sensor City Company, UK, with low drift, long life, and high selectivity for detecting gases

◆ High resistance to silicon and sulfide poisoning

◆ High precision, fast response, low power consumption design, strong reliability

◆ Simultaneously output 4-20mA and RS485 interface

◆ Two groups of alarm contact signals

Displayable JTQB-CF-XSS620 JTQB-CF-XSS621 Combustible Gas Detector  also have the following advantages:

◆ LED liquid crystal display, high-brightness backlight, with fault alarm LED light indication

◆ With temperature compensation, not affected by temperature

◆ Long-distance infrared remote control adjustment, no need to open the cover for calibration


+ Wall Mount Side View

JTQB-CF-XSS620 JTQB-CF-XSS621 Combustible Gas Detector

+ Pipe support installation diagram

JTQB-CF-XSS620 JTQB-CF-XSS621 Combustible Gas Detector


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