J-SAB-M-M520KEIS manual fire alarm button explosion-proof type

Product code: J-SAB-M-M520KEIS

J-SAB-M-M520KEIS manual fire alarm button (explosion-proof type) is an industrial Explosive product. This product is installed in public areas in flammable and explosive places. When a fire situation is found When pressing the plexiglass piece on the button, the manual alarm button will send the alarm signal through the contact After output, it is transmitted to the alarm controller. The button adopts the flameproof explosion-proof design method, which can be The module is used directly with the compatible fire alarm controller. It has a solid and beautiful shape and can be Effectively resist the influence of dust pollution and freezing and humid air in the harsh environment, suitable for Inflammable and explosive places such as petrochemical industry, transportation, energy and electricity, medicine and health


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- Working voltage: 24VDC (20~30VDC scope)

- Working current: 5mA

- Working temperature: -40℃~85℃

- Ambient humidity: 5%~95%RH (no condensation)

- Power off reset: instant power off

- Dimensions: 137mmx128mmx76mm

- Explosion-proof grade: ExdIICT6

- Degree of protection: IP66

- Cable inlet thread: G3/4

- The product is based on the national standard GB 19880- 2005 Design and manufacture


◆ Scope of application: industrial dangerous places such as petrochemical and thermal power plants in explosive gas mixture hazardous places

◆ Temperature group: T1—T6

◆ Explosion-proof mark: ExdIICT6

◆ Cast aluminum alloy shell, surface spray

◆ steel pipe or cable access can be

◆ Double explosion-proof inner cavity, switch signal access

◆ According to the installation characteristics of explosion-proof places, the floor column installation structure has been designed


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