JTW-XCD-9600 Distributed Optical Fiber Temperature Measurement System

Product code: JTW-XCD-9600

The 9600 series products are the newly developed modular distributed optical fiber temperature detection by the company device, the product can be installed in a standard 19-inch rack, and has a standard communication interface to provide Provide customers with real-time temperature monitoring and alarm.


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Product information

This JTW-XCD-9600 Distributed Optical Fiber Temperature Measurement System of products carry out distributed temperature measurement along the line through the laid optical cable, the most The maximum measurement distance can reach 16km, when the sampling interval is 1m, the temperature resolution It can reach 0.8℃, and has a series of temperature threshold, temperature change rate and temperature Alarm functions such as peak value and fiber break. This series of products can be used in different fields, including tunnel fire, power cable monitoring Measurement, oil well temperature, and some scientific research purposes, etc.

Distributed optical fiber sensing technology uses optical fiber as the sensing medium and signal transmission Medium, and based on optical signal detection and processing technology, this series of products has the following many advantages


Measuring distance

- Measuring distance: 4km

- Spatial resolution: 2m

- Measuring time: ≥3s

- Temperature accuracy: ±1°C

- Sampling interval: 1m

- Fiber type: multimode 50/125μm (also applicable to 62.5/125μm)

- Number of channels: 2, 4 channels

- Measuring range: -200℃~650℃ (depending on detection cable)

- Maximum partitions: 500

Measuring distance

- Network interface: RJ-45, Ethernet 100Mb/s

- Relay output: 48 channels

- Other interfaces: RS232/485, USB

Environmental parameters

- Net operating temperature: 0℃~+55℃

- Storage temperature: -10℃~+85℃

- Humidity: 0%~95% non-condensing

power requirements

- Power consumption: 35W-80W

- Power requirements: 24VDC/220VAC

physical parameters

- Height, width and depth: 131mmx432mmx332mm

- Weight: 10kg

Current parameter

- 24V power supply Quiescent current: 0.9A Maximum alarm current: 1.5A

- 220V power supply Quiescent current: 0.1A Maximum alarm current: 0.18A

System interface configuration

JTW-XCD-9600 Distributed Optical Fiber Temperature Measurement System

Schematic diagram of host interface connection

◆ The sensor is made of low-cost standard optical fiber;

◆ Just laying an optical cable can monitor the temperature along the line in real time, without a large number of sensors;

◆ The sensing area does not need power supply, no power transmission, and no safety hazards caused by the external environment;

◆ Shockproof and anti-electromagnetic interference;

◆ Low maintenance cost;

◆ Adapt to harsh environment, the maximum temperature can reach 650℃;



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