JTW-XD-9624 Fiber Bragg Grating Temperature Measurement System

Product code: JTW-XD-9624

JTW-XD-9624 linear fiber optic temperature fire detector is produced by Xi'an Shengsaier Electronic Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd., it uses optical fiber as the signal transmission and sensing medium, using Bragg The temperature sensitivity of the grating and the reflection principle of light can detect the temperature sensing along the fiber grating in real time. Point temperature changes, can sound and light alarm when exceeding the limit.


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Product information

The product has high detection sensitivity; Distributed measurement, measurement points can be set arbitrarily within 5km; on-site non-electric detection, essential Safety explosion-proof, anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-lightning strike. Especially suitable for traffic tunnels, oil and gas pipelines Road, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, fire protection, energy, storage, military industry, nuclear industry and other places. Book The system conforms to the relevant provisions of GB3836.1-2000 and GB3836.4-2000 standards, The national explosion-proof electrical product quality supervision and inspection center passed the inspection and obtained the explosion-proof certificate. Product by The National Fire Electronic Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center has passed the inspection. It is suitable for Zone 0, Zone Ⅰ, Zone Ⅱ Areas containing explosive gas mixtures of Groups T1-T6 of Class II A-II C.

parameter JTW-XD-9624 Fiber Bragg Grating Temperature Measurement System

- Type: differential, constant temperature composite, recoverable, detection

- Maximum number of channels: 8 channels

- Maximum number of targetable areas per channel: 8 divisions

- Maximum detection points per channel: 60 points

- Alarm temperature setting range: 50 ℃ ~ 95 ℃

- Factory setting of alarm temperature: 70℃

- Display range: 0℃~95℃

- Display resolution: 0.1°C

- Action temperature error: ±10%

- Response time: <30S

- Instrument working temperature: 0℃~40℃

- Instrument working relative humidity: ≤90%

- Working power supply: 24VDC ±15%

- Working current: <800mA

- output signal: A group of normally open (normally closed) fire alarm switch signal No., a group of normally open (normally closed) fault alarm switch Signal Two Ethernet RJ45 ports, RS232 serial DB9 interface, RS232/RS485 communication signal output. Through the fire alarm controller and the host The computer can realize partition temperature display, partition Temperature alarm and each optical path failure alarm.

- Dimensions of the instrument: 450mm×130mm×290mm (width×height×depth)

- Instrument installation method: panel-mounted

- Instrument operation mode: soft keys on the panel

- Detection unit working temperature: -40℃~120℃

- Detection unit package size: Φ7.5× 95mm

- Detection unit spacing: 3m 6m (according to users need to adjust to non-standard spacing)

- Optical cable transmission distance: ≤25km

- Minimum bending radius: 300mm

- Explosion-proof grade: Instrument [Exia]ⅡC detection unit ExiaⅡCT6

characteristic JTW-XD-9624 Fiber Bragg Grating Temperature Measurement System

◆ Use grating for signal detection and optical fiber for signal transmission to realize non-electric detection, intrinsically safe and explosion-proof;

◆ Using advanced fiber grating as the measurement unit, advanced technology and high measurement accuracy;

◆ Adopt quasi-distributed measurement method, with many measurement points and flexible methods;

◆ Using mature photoelectric components, low cost and good reliability;

◆ The system is compact in structure, simple in installation and easy in maintenance.

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