TCC-2 fire telephone system

Product code: TCC-2

NOTIFIER fire telephone system (TCC-2) is used in emergency situations on site (such as: fire, robbery and other sudden disaster events), it can provide convenient means of communication, distributed The extension at the application site can call the host and get in touch with the control center in time; the host also You can call the extension located on site to understand the situation on site. The system can record calls in detail, received Call time and call content.


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Product information

parameter TCC-2 fire telephone system

-Power supply voltage: AC187 ~ 242V 50Hz±1%

- Backup power working voltage: DC20V~29V

-Ambient temperature: 0~+40℃

- Relative humidity: ≤85%

-Air pressure: 860~1060mb

characteristic TCC-2 fire telephone system

◆ Consists of TCC-G3040/40 fire telephone host, TCC-G3040A telephone extension, TCC-G3040B Line phone handle and TCC-G3040C multi-line phone handle jack

◆ Host: 3U structure, 2N wire system, can connect 40 telephone extensions; LCD screen Chinese characters display; recording time is 24 minutes, the most Maximum recording segment ≤ 120; two-level password setting; 119 call function; real-time detection of telephone line open circuit and fault report Alarm function

◆ Extension: with light position lamp, with detection resistor selection switch. Can call the host or be called by the host

◆ Telephone jack: with light position lamp, with detection resistor selection switch. Inserting the handle can call the host, but cannot be called

◆ Telephone handle: need to be used in conjunction with the telephone jack


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