sound and light siren SYS-STR SYS-HSR SYS-HS

Product code: SYS-STR SYS-HSR SYS-HS

This product is suitable for indoor wall or ceiling installation. Can use 24V DC or Full-wave rectification (FWR) method for power supply, SYS HSR is the sound and light of the red lens Siren, P900XN is a sound and light siren with transparent lens, and its light source is white xenon lamp.


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This product is widely used in fire alarm sound and light indication, 15Cd, 75Cd and 115Cd Three light intensities can be set through the dial switch on the back of the product, and the alarm sound can be high or low or continuous A total of four sound alarm modes of continuous/intermittent can also be set according to requirements. Sencell The company's sound and light alarm has obtained UL1368 and UL464 certification. This product cannot be used in systems with MDL or MDL3 synchronization modules or with In systems powered by code pulses.


Working voltage: 16~33VDC (24V rated working voltage)

Working temperature: 0℃ ~49℃

Working humidity: 10~93% non-condensing


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