SD-751 Conventional non-addressable photoelectric smoke detector

Product code: SD-751

The detector has beautiful appearance, low quiescent current and wide working voltage range. Especially suitable for Conventional bus system alarm system. When in use, it needs to be used together with the B701 base. The detector interface module is connected to the controller loop bus. (base needs to be ordered separately)


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-Working voltage: 15~35VDC

- Quiescent current: 50μA@24VDC

- Maximum current: 2mA@3.1VDC

-Working temperature: -10℃~55℃

- Working humidity: no more than 95% (no condensation)

- Dimensions: 50mm (height)


◆ Sleek and thin design

◆ Low quiescent current

◆ The outer cover and insect-proof net are detachable, which is convenient for on-site cleaning

◆ Sealed structure to prevent dust, insects and back pressure




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