POM-30 multi-line control card

Product code: POM-30

The controller uses multi-line control circuit cards to provide direct control and monitoring of key equipment


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The use of multi-wire control circuit cards can still ensure that the controller loses its function Start-up control and feedback monitoring of critical equipment. Each controller is equipped with 8 multi-line control Circuit card for manual direct control operation and monitoring of 8 x 8 output devices.

A multi-line control circuit card provides 8 independent multi-line outputs, each The output channel provides a manual switch for controlling a 24V control output, and also for Each control output provides 2 LED lights as status display. Multi-wire control circuit card automatic Detect the status of 8 manual channels and display the device status to ensure that the device is in operational state. Note: The multi-line control circuit card must be used in conjunction with the multi-line control panel. more per piece The line control panel is connected with 2 multi-line control circuit cards. Users directly on the multi-line control panel to operate.


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