P700A Addressable Sound and Light Alarm

Product code: P700A

This product is an addressable audible and visual alarm. It communicates with the controller, controlling the The controller sends a command code to make the sound and light of the alarm act or reset. The alarm can be powered externally The failure and normal status of the power supply are transmitted to the intelligent controller, so that the controller reports the external power supply status. The address of the sound and light alarm is set by the hand-held electronic encoder, and the address range is 0~199.


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Product information

parameter P700A Addressable Sound and Light Alarm

Dimensions: 142.7 x 126.2 x 62mm

Working temperature: 10℃~55℃

External power supply voltage: 19~30VDC

External power supply ripple: 100mV RMS maximum

External supply current:

Maximum 2.4mA@24VDC normal state;

Maximum 30mA@24VDC alarm state

Communication voltage range: 15~32V

Average current of communication line: 350μA@24VDC without communication; 2.2mA@24VDC alarm

Flashing frequency: 1 time/second Sound output: >75dB

Executive standard: GA 385 2002


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