NTEL-1 bus type fire telephone system

Product code: NTEL-1

NOTIFIER bus type fire telephone system (NTEL-1) includes NTEL-P fire It is composed of telephone host, NFPS-3001 fire power supply and spare battery. NTEL-P fire electric The switchboard can be connected to NTEL-E wall-mounted fire telephone extension, NTEL-PJ fire telephone plug hole, and the matching NTEL-3040/NTEL-3040/F jack fire telephone machine, forming a complete fire emergency communication system.


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characteristic NTEL-1 bus type fire telephone system

◆ NTEL-P fire telephone switchboard, it communicates reliably with extensions, and records calls and talk time in detail and content. Alarms can be made quickly for communication failures of registered extensions, which is convenient for daily maintenance.

◆ The system is equipped with an NTEL-E extension that can call the host and answer calls the host; it is equipped with an NTEL-3040 phone Handset and NTEL-PJ telephone module jack can call the telephone host.

◆ The host computer of this system adopts a two-bus system, which can be connected to 127 extensions and modules with independent address codes, and the communication is reliable. High for easy maintenance.

◆Telephone handle: It needs to be used in conjunction with the telephone jack.

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