N-NCS Workstation integrated monitoring network

Product code: N-NCS Workstatio

N NCS Workstation graphics display control workstation based on high-performance desktop PC, SPECIFIC HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE INCLUDING NOTIFIER. N NCS Workstation can be used as A command center in the NFNC network that can be displayed and controlled in text and graphics All network points and network events. N NCS Workstation runs on Windows The environment, Simplified Chinese, clear and friendly.


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characteristic N-NCS Workstation integrated monitoring network

◆ It can reset and silence the fire alarm;

◆ Visually display the alarm location and record all alarm events;

◆ Full Chinese interface, easy to operate and powerful;

◆ Display the alarm information of the fire alarm controller in graphics or text;

◆ It has two-way information transmission function with the controller;

◆ The project plan can be enlarged or reduced without distortion;

◆ It can not only print the current alarm event in real time, but also print the specified alarm record;

◆ Multiple ways to query alarm records.

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