LPI-MODBUS-V3 loop interface communication card

Product code: LPI-MODBUS-V3

The LPI MODBUS V3 loopback interface communication card is a SLC ModBus converter device. This converter maps SLC loop devices to ModBus registers, allowing The third-party system that communicates with the Modbus/RTU communication protocol can be connected to the Notifier fire Alarm controller. Third-party systems including those developed by Honeywell and other suppliers or software.


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Product information

LPI MODBUS V3 loop interface communication card via a RS485, RS232 or RJ45 interface communicates with third-party systems, and supports ModBus host mode or ModBus slave mode.


◆ DIP switch to configure ModBus master or ModBus slave;

◆ Flexible Modbus register mapping table;

◆ Standard Modbus abnormal response;

◆ SLC link fault monitoring;

◆ Modbus/RTU link port parameters can be configured;

◆ ModBus/RTU interface supports RS485 or RS232 interface;

◆ ModBus/TCP interface supports RJ45 interface.


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