LCM-30 Loop Module

Product code: LCM-30

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Product information

The LCM-30 loop module connects loop devices such as detectors and input and output modules to realize the loop control and monitoring function of the device. The ring tag supports ring or ringless cable. controller It can support up to 8 loop cards and 16 loops. When using the Guardian protocol, each line is 200 devices including, modules and mixed detectors. Its CPU uses ST Column's STM32F4 series, CORTEX M4 core, 32-bit processor, the first product in the CORTEX M4 class Advanced processing chip, 5 times higher processing speed than the controller in the industry.

LCM-30 loop module is also the industry's first circuit card to use aluminum alloy shell, not only can greatly increase the installation speed, it can also prevent foreign objects on the site damaging the circuit board. contact thereby increasing the service life.

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