LCD-200 fire display panel

Product code: LCD-200

Multilingual fire display panel for fire alarm control system, can display Fire alarm and failure conditions of fire compartments, suitable for fire alarm work in buildings of different scales Procedure. LCD 200 fire display panel is used to connect with Honeywell fire safety system (on NFS2-3030C fire alarm controller (linkage type) manufactured by Hai) Co., Ltd.


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● Voltage: 20~28 VDC;

● Current: Quiescent Current (Max): 40mA@24VDC (backlight off) Maximum operating current (maximum value): 100mA @24 VDC (full LED lights, The backlight turns on and the buzzer sounds).

● The fire display panel must be installed in the following environment: Ambient temperature: 0~50℃; Relative humidity: 10% to 95% (non-condensing).

The fire display panel has the following features:

● Large-screen LCD display, multi-language support, convenient for operators to grasp event information accurately, timely and comprehensively;

● Good man-machine interface, simple and clear function key operation, convenient and quick;

● Automatic backlight on/off function;

● LED status indicators;

● Capacitive touch keys;

● Local loudspeaker to warn of fire alarms and faults;

● Functions such as system reset, local muting and system self-test;

● CAN communication interface, the longest communication distance between a single fire display panel can reach 1000 meters;

● A single controller supports up to 64 fire display panels;

● Adopt NPP communication protocol;

● Counting and query functions of fire alarm/fault events;

● 8-bit configurable DIP switch;

● Integrated metal casing with plexiglass panel;

● Accurate and detailed event storage, supporting up to 256 fire alarm events and 256 fault events


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