KM-FZM-9G relay module

Product code: KM-FZM-9G

KM-FZM-9G relay module allows to interface with intelligent controller and monitor Two-wire traditional smoke detector. Must be used with two-wire detectors


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Product information

When the interface module is in the communication state, it can transmit the state of the two-wire detector area to Send it to the intelligent controller to report whether the load circuit is normal, open circuit or alarm state. this interface The module monitors the working area of the detector and the wiring of the external power supply. (Module installation box to be ordered separately).

characteristic KM-FZM-9G relay module

◆ Compatible with two-wire smoke detectors.

◆The LED indicator light is provided to be controlled by the command code issued by the controller.

parameter KM-FZM-9G relay module

- Voltage range: 15~32VDC

- Maximum lighting current: 3mA

- Quiescent current: 350μA@24VDC (pass every 5 seconds once, the terminal resistance is 3.9K ohms)

- Terminal resistance: 3.9KΩ

- Maximum monitoring circuit resistance: 25Ω

- Power supply requirements for the monitoring circuit

- terminals 10, 11 - DC voltage: 24 VDC power limited

- Current: 90mA / module - range of working temperature:

-10℃~55℃ (GB); 0℃~49℃ (UL)

- Operating Humidity Range: 5%~95%RH relative humidity, non-condensing (GB) 10%~93%RH relative humidity, non-condensing (UL)

- Installation dimensions: 124.6mm long x 124.6mm wide x 33.5mm high

- Auxiliary components: SMB500 embedded box; 47K final Terminal resistance

- Weight: about 160g including packaging materials)



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