KM-FZM-1C common detector interface module

Product code: KM-FZM-1C

Smart detectors occupy an independent address on the bus, and ordinary detectors cannot be connected in parallel. For corridors, halls and other places that require parallel installation, it can be done through the interface module KMFZM-1C. The interface module KM-FZM-1C occupies an address in the loop bus. one


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Product information

KM-FZM-1C common detector interface module can connect up to 25 ordinary detectors (considering GBJll6-88 specification According to regulations, it is recommended that the number of parallel detectors be around 10). (Module installation box needs to be ordered separately)

Spencial KM-FZM-1C common detector interface module

-Working voltage: 15 ~ 32VDC

- Working current: 270μA

-Working temperature: -10℃ ~ 55℃

- Relative humidity: no more than 95% (non-condensing)

- Dimensions: 114mm (length) × 102mm (width)×32mm(thickness)

characteristic KM-FZM-1C common detector interface module

◆ Support compatible two-wire common detectors

◆ Noise filtering and reliable communication

◆ SEMS screw terminals, easy to install and maintain

◆ Decimal address setting

◆ Two-color light-emitting diode

◆ Green flashes during inspection, and red is always on when alarming


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