JTY-H-BEAM1224S Beam Smoke Detector

Product code: JTY-H-BEAM1224S

JTY H BEAM1224S detector is a reflective beam smoke detector. It consists of an integrated transmitter/receiver and a reflector. The detector has passed the anti- Aluminum phosphide fumigation detection and dustproof, waterproof, IP67 detection by national authority, especially It is suitable for places where it is not suitable to install point detectors, such as factories, theaters, and tobacco warehouses in cigarette factories. Large space environment and some environments with special requirements. (Accessory bracket needs to be ordered separately)


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characteristic JTY-H-BEAM1224S Beam Smoke Detector

◆ Large protection range, the longest distance can reach 100m;

◆ Mirror reflection design, easy to install and test;

◆ The built-in microprocessor can automatically compensate for environmental changes such as dust and temperature:

◆ Built-in isolator, comes with isolation function;

◆ Flexible installation, can be installed on the wall or ceiling:

◆ Detachable terminals are used, which is convenient for on-site installation and wiring;

◆ Six levels of sensitivity can be set on site, digital display, and self-test: Sensitivity level:

Level 1 25% dimming rate

Level 2 30% dimming rate

Level 3 40% dimming rate

Level 4 50% dimming rate Special environment adaptive level 1 30% to 50% dimming rate Special environment adaptive level 2 40% to 50% dimming rate Protection range: length 5~100m Width

The distance between beams≤14m

The distance between beam and wall≤7m

◆ Fault status: ≥96% dimming rate


BEAMLRK auxiliary mirror (when the detection distance is greater than 70m)

BEAMMMK mounting bracket (used when ceiling installation or high-speed installation angle is required)

BEAMSMK Surface Mount Tool TRS451 Remote Test Box TRS451KEY Remote test box with key lock

parameter JTY-H-BEAM1224S Beam Smoke Detector

Working temperature: 30℃~55℃

Working humidity: 10%~95RH without condensation

Voltage: 15~32VDC

Average quiescent current (at 24VDC): 17mA max

Average current during test: 500mA max

Average alarm current (at 24VDC): maximum 38.5mA

Average fault current (at 24VDC): 8.5mA maximum

Average calibration current (at 24VDC): 2mA max

Mechanical parameters

Detector size: 254mm high x 191mm wide x 84mm thick

Reflector size (detection distance between 5m and 70m): 200mm×230mm

Reflector size (detection distance between 70m and 100m Room): 400mm×460mm


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