JTY-GD-AS6800H Aspirating smoke detector

Product code: JTY-GD-AS6800H

JTY-GD-AS6800H aspirating smoke detection system belongs to an advanced particle detection The system can be used in the occasion of early warning or earlier fire warning.


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Product information

The system continuously monitors the environment through a series of sampling holes (maximum Covering an area of 1200 square meters) for air sampling to detect smoke in the environment particle concentration.

FAAST system status can be displayed on the user interface or fire alarm control via relays on the controller, or through the integrated network server or PipeIQr~i software two ways to remotely display displayed on the web interface. The status of the system, the concentration of smoke particles, the alarm level, the gas Flow speed and fault status can be clearly displayed on the interface. Additionally, the system status Changes can also be notified to users via email. Displayed locally or remotely by monitoring User interface, the above states can be identified.

parameter JTY-GD-AS6800H Aspirating smoke detector

- External power supply voltage: 18~30VDC

- Remote reset time: external monitor keeps at least Hold low level for 100 msec.

- Power reset: 1 sec.

- Average working current: 500mA@24VDC

- Alarm current: 670mA

- All relays device action, all alarm levels are displayed. electricity Voltage @24VDC

- Relay contact parameters: 3.0A@30VDC, 0.5A@125VAC

- Sound intensity: 75dBA - Alarm status, electric Voltage @24VDC

- range of working temperature: CNTC: -10℃~55℃ (14οF~131οF); UL: 0℃~38℃ (32οF~100οF)

- Sampling air temperature: -20℃~60℃ (-4οF~140οF)

- Humidity range: 10% to 95% (non-condensing)

- IP rating: IP30 - Protection area: 743 sq.m (8000 sq.ft., UL) 1200 sq. m. (12 916 sq. ft, CCCF)

- Air velocity: 0~1,219.2m/min. (0~4, 000ft./min. )

- Height: 336.6mm (13.25 in.1 - Width: 330mm (13.0 in.)

- Thickness: 127mm (5.0 in.)

- Cable Gauge: 25.4mm (1 in.) Detector Top Size of four entry holes for top and bottom cables

- Wire gauge: max 12AWG (2.0523mm) to 24AWG minimum (0.5105mm) - Suction piping system: Covering an area of about 743 sq. m (8000 sq. ft., UL), 1200 sq. m.(12 916 sq. ft, CCCF); Maximum single tube: 80m (262 ft., UL), 120m (394ft., CCCF) Suction pipe outer diameter: 25mm or IPS l.050 in.; Inner diameter: 15~21mm (.591~.827 in.)

- Shipping Weight: 3.856kg (8.51bs.) including bag Material

characteristic JTY-GD-AS6800H Aspirating smoke detector

◆ Adopt advanced blue LED and IR laser detection technology, imported the United States;

◆ The monitoring area covers 1200 square meters (according to local regulations and regulations);

◆ Sensitivity detection range 0.00046% to 6.25% ft./obsc;

◆ Programmable fire alarm threshold and delay time;

◆ 8 sets of relay contacts;

◆ Advanced fine dust recognition, reducing the probability of false positives;

◆ Air filter;

◆ Cutting-edge dust separation technology increases the service life of the filter;

◆ Electronic monitoring of filter service life;

◆ Ultrasonic air flow detection;

◆ Access door for on-site maintenance;

◆ Convenient and easy-access filter maintenance door;

◆ Records of events, dimension expansion and trends;

◆ Suction pipeline simulation software;

◆ Self-adaptive mode with automatic sensitivity adjustment;

◆ Ethernet/IP remote monitoring system;

◆ Remote reset/dry contact input;

◆ Multilingual support;

◆ E-mail notification system alarm, fault or isolation status;

◆ Built-in speaker.




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