JTW-BD-FST-951G point type temperature sensitive fire detector

Product code: JTW-BD-FST-951G

JTW-BD-FST-951G point-type temperature-sensitive fire detector detects heat generated by fire And report the detected temperature analog to the control panel. Due to the use of analog information, So that users, installers and maintenance personnel can get more than ordinary systems information. At the same time, since the probe is addressable, firefighters can Determine the location of the fire. If you need to configure the buzzer base, please order B601BH


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Product information


◆ Using high sensitivity thermistor, fast response

◆ The light-emitting diode flashes during each inspection, and the alarm is always on

◆ New streamline design, beautiful appearance

◆ Integrated design, convenient for on-site replacement and maintenance


- Diameter: 102.5mm

- Height: 39.0mm (without base), 48.4mm ( with base)

- Weight: 70g (without base), 105g (with base)

- range of working temperature: -10℃ ~ 50℃ (GB); -10℃~ 38℃) (UL)

- Operating Humidity Range:

5%~95%RH relative humidity, non-condensing (GB);

10%~93%RH relative humidity, non-condensing (UL)

- Alarm temperature: 57.2°C

- Voltage range: 15 ~ 32 VDC

- Average monitoring current: 380μA (communication every 5 seconds times and blink the LED)

- Maximum alarm current: 3mA@24VDC (LED Bright)


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