JTWB-BCD-5151EIS non-addressable explosion-proof temperature detector

Product code: JTWB-BCD-5151EIS

JTWB-BCD-5151EIS is an intrinsically safe explosion-proof differential constant temperature detector, suitable for In dangerous places with explosive gas or dust, its power is controlled, which can effectively prevent Detonate explosive gas. When used, it must be used with a compatible controller and must be connected to the isolation barrier It is used together with the B401 base. (base needs to be ordered separately)


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-Working voltage: 15~28VDC

-Working temperature: -10℃~50℃

- Relative humidity: no more than 95% (non-condensing)

- Power-off reset: instant power off

- Sensitivity: 60°C (5451EIS)

-Rated safety class: EEX ia IIC T5

- Dimensions: 54mm (height) × 102mm (diameter)


◆ Passed BASEEFA test, rated intrinsic safety level: EEX ia IIC T5

◆ Dual LED indicators, 360-degree visibility

◆ On-site measurable sensitivity

◆ Low quiescent current

◆ SEMS terminals are easy to wire, and the screws have a stop function to prevent loss



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