JSM-FMM-1C intelligent monitoring module

Product code: JSM-FMM-1C

The status of switching fire-fighting equipment such as water flow indicators, fire hydrant buttons, and pressure switches needs to be To monitor the module to monitor. The monitoring module will monitor or report the status of such fire-fighting equipment Inform the controller of the two states of alarm and display the record


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Product information

The JSM-FMM-1C intelligent monitoring module is equipped with a decimal dial switch, which can be addressed on site. Occupies an address in a loop of the controller. When the monitoring module receives the closing of the switch After the signal is combined, the signal is sent to the controller through the bus, and the controller will send out an audible and visual alarm signal No., indicating the working status of specific parts and linkage equipment. (Module installation box needs to be ordered separately)

parameter JSM-FMM-1C intelligent monitoring modul

-Working voltage: 15~32VDC

- Working current: 475μA

- Working temperature: -10℃~60℃

- Relative humidity: no more than 95% (non-condensing)

- Dimensions: 118mm (length) × 106mm (width)×34mm(thickness)

characteristic JSM-FMM-1C intelligent monitoring modul

◆ SEMS type screw terminals are easy to install and maintain

◆ Noise filtering and reliable communication

◆ Loop bus power supply, no 24VDC power supply required

◆ Decimal address setting

◆ Two-color light-emitting diode

◆ Green flashes during inspection, and red is always on when alarming

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