JKM-FCM-9G output module

Product code: JKM-FCM-9G

JKM-FCM-9G is a single address module, it controls a set of 24VDC output, And the output connection of this channel has the monitoring function. (Module installation box needs to be ordered separately)


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Characteristic JKM-FCM-9G output module

◆ Built-in model identification system, the control panel can automatically identify the device as JKM-FCM-9G.

◆ Loop power supply directly, no need for additional power supply.

◆ Strong anti-interference (EMF/RFI).

◆ SEMS screws have clips for easy wiring.

◆ The LED indicator of the module can be off, flashing or constant on by sending a command code the controller

Parameter JKM-FCM-9G output module

- Voltage range: 15~32VDC

- Maximum lighting current: 3mA

- Quiescent current: 500μA@24VDC (pass every 5 seconds One time, the maximum output loop line consumption: 4VDC)

- External supply voltage (between terminals T10 and T11): Maximum 24VDC (DC output) Maximum 80VDC (audio output)

- Maximum DC output current: 2A @ CLASS B; 1A @ CLASS A - range of working temperature:

- 10℃~55℃ (GB); 0℃~49℃(UL)

- Operating Humidity Range: 5%~95%RH relative humidity, non-condensing (GB); 10%~93%RH relative humidity, non-condensing (UL)

- Installation dimensions: 124.6mm long x 124.6mm wide x 33.5mm high

- Auxiliary components: SMB500 embedded box; 47K final Terminal resistance

- Weight: about 170g (including packaging materials)


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