ISO-X isolation module

Product code: ISO-X

The fault isolator module automatically isolates short circuits between wires in the SLC loop. when In the event of a short-circuit fault in the SLC loop, the fault isolator limits detection affected by the fault number of devices. When the short circuit condition is removed, the fault isolator module will automatically reconnect the SLC back to the isolated part of the road


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Product information

The ISO-X isolation module does not require any addressing and is fully autonomous manual operation. Fault isolator modules housed in 4" deep standard junction boxes, surface mount box or fire alarm controller. It has an LED that lights up when the isolator is operating normally, On when a short circuit is detected and isolated. (Each relay base is equivalent to 3.5 devices, each A B501 base, each smart module is equivalent to a device). between isolators ISO-X Up to 25 devices can be connected. (Module installation box needs to be ordered separately)

parameter ISO-X isolation module

-Working voltage: 18 ~ 32VDC

- Working current: 450μA

-Working temperature: -10℃ ~ 60℃

- Relative humidity: no more than 95% (non-condensing)

characteristic ISO-X isolation module

◆ Directly powered by SLC circuit, no additional power supply required

◆ LED flashes to indicate normal status, always on when short circuit

◆ SEMS type screw terminals are easy to install and maintain

◆ Automatically reset after short circuit removal

◆ Automatically disconnect the SLC circuit for short circuit protection to prevent the entire circuit malfunctioning due to short circuit




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