Fire alarm control cabinet NFS2-3030C

Product code: NFS2-3030C

Fire alarm control cabinet NFS2-3030C (link type) is a fire safety product Honeywell that has just launched a new generation of fire alarm controllers, with unique features Special large-screen color LCD interface , convenient and fast operation.


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Product information

NFS2-3030C fire alarm control cabinet (link type) meets the national standard "fire control system GB16806-2006" and "fire extinguishing system GB4717-2005 Alarm controller" requirements.

NFS2-3030C fire alarm control cabinet (link type) has many intelligent features, Such as deviation compensation, sensitivity adjustment, self-optimizing pre-alarm, etc.; Combined alarm and linked control It can be programmed offline via host computer. The controller can participate in the fire connection Fire output control, etc., can be connected to the CRT display terminal to form a comprehensive fire Anti-alarm control system. Its excellent quality and professional design style can be applied to high-end important places such as hotels, office buildings, commercial centers, urban complexes, large factories.

The controller has the following features:

● Large-screen color LCD display, all in Chinese, convenient for operators to capture event information accurately, timely and comprehensively;

● Good man-machine interface, the operation of the combination of function keys on both sides of the control panel and fixed function keys, convenient and fast;

● Multi-level authority control mode;

● Status LEDs;

● Local buzzer can prompt fire alarm, fault, start-up, response, monitoring and shielding events;

● Functions such as system reset, local mute, sound and light control and system self-test;

● Distributed intelligent detector;

● Fully isolated loop device to provide maximum loop security;

● Up to 8 ring cards, 16 rings can be connected. Users do not need to set the number of loops, support loops and no loops road;

● Guardian protocol support;

● The loop device's automatic login function greatly aids in system debugging and daily maintenance;

● Rich link control relationship, adapt to any complex link control requirements;

● Accurate and detailed event logs, supporting 1,000 fire alarm event records and 10,000 history records;

● Offline programming, controller loop configuration and link control relationship programming setting can be done on PC;

● Chinese printer prints the latest alarm events in real time;

● The controller is equipped with 8 multi-line control circuit cards



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