Electrical Fire Monitoring System SSDH一C615

Product code: SSDH一C615

The electrical fire monitoring system of Xi'an Shengsaier Electronics Co., Ltd. consists of SSDH-J610 Electrical fire monitoring equipment, SSDH-S612 residual current electrical fire monitoring


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Product information

Detector, SSDH-C615 temperature measuring electrical fire monitoring detector and terminal Probe composition. The system utilizes current magnetic field effects and temperature effects. current in the electrical circuit Changes and temperature changes are transmitted to the monitoring equipment, when a sudden change in current or temperature occurs, the detection The controller analyzes the change amplitude and compares it with the alarm set value, and sends an alarm to the monitoring equipment Alarm signal and alarm address

parameter Electrical Fire Monitoring System SSDH一C615

-Controller power supply: AC220V/50HZ

-Backup power: DC24V, 4Ah

- Working environment: temperature range 0℃ ~ 55℃, humidity Degree ≤ 95%

- Power consumption: ≤30W in monitoring state, alarm state Under ≤60W

- Monitoring equipment capacity: can be connected to 128 detection points device, providing 8 groups of relay outputs

- Communication distance between host and detector: the longest 1200m

-Alarm time: ≤30 seconds

-Relay contact capacity: ACI20V/1A, DC24V/IA

- Monitoring equipment can provide external output power capacity For: 24V/1A, if you need a large capacity power supply, Please configure other fire power supply

-Event record capacity: last 256 (alarm, fault failure, reset)

-Print function: optional Chinese character printout

- Dimensions: 500372110mm (wall-mounted)

- Weight: 10Kg (including backup battery)

-Compliant with the standard: GB 14287-2005 "Electrical fire disaster monitoring system

characteristic Electrical Fire Monitoring System SSDH一C615

Electrical Fire Monitoring System SSDH一C615

◆Fire alarm function: When the monitoring equipment receives the fire alarm signal transmitted by the detector, the monitoring equipment sends out a fire alarm signal. Alarm sound and light alarm signal, the LCD screen indicates the detector address, sensor address, Alarm type, alarm value, and the clock records the time of the first alarm.

◆ Fault alarm function: When the sensor carried by the detector is lost or the connection line between the detector and the monitoring equipment is broken When there is a fault in the circuit or short circuit, the monitoring equipment will send out a fault alarm sound, the fault indicator light will be on, and at the same time the LCD screen will Displays the total number of faults, the first alarm and the location of subsequent alarms.

◆ Linkage output function: When the monitoring equipment receives the fire alarm signal, if the control of the monitoring equipment is selected to open Off is in the "automatic" position, the monitoring equipment will automatically start 8 groups of relays, if the control of the monitoring equipment is selected to open The switch is in the "manual" position, and the user can manually start and stop 8 groups of relays through the operation keys on the mask.

◆ Network connection function: the system comes with one RS232 interface, which can exchange information with the upper computer (computer), integrate displayed on the console.

◆Event recording function: The monitoring host can record 256 recent events, including fire alarm, failure alarm, Address and time when events such as reset operation occur.

◆ Printing function: The monitoring host is equipped with a Chinese character printer, and the printer can print alarm events and time, fault events and Time, Reset Operation and Occurrence Time

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