B601BH audio base

Product code: B601BH

The B601BH audio base is used for 951G series detectors. This base requires an external 24VDC power supply and reverse polarity wiring is possible.


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Product information


-Working temperature: -10℃~55℃

-Working humidity: 10%—95%RH

- Weight: 175g (£0.39)

- Diameter: 152mm (6.0 inches)

- Height: 58mm (2.3 inches) Electrical parameters

-External power supply voltage: 17VDC~32VDC

- Working current: 1.0mA

-Maximum ripple voltage: 10% of supplied voltage Communication loop parameters

- Detector remote output

- Pulling current to speaker sounding: max. 1.5mA@24VDC

-Audio output: ≥90dBA@24VDC (Anechoic chamber Measured)



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