AMPS-NX30 Power Module

Product code: AMPS-NX30

The controller provides 24V DC power to the controller and loop equipment, and to the backup power battery charge. At the same time, the power supply monitors the status of the main power supply and backup power supply, and Inform the CPU and display it at any time, and realize the management of the main power supply and backup power supply.


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● AC power supply: 220VAC (+10%, 15%), 50HZ, Maximum working current: 2A, fuse capacity is 2.5A;

● Output voltage: one way 24VDC/3A non-resettable, One way can be reset 24VDC/3A;

● 5VDC/3A printer power supply;

● Four-way fault relay output dry node;

● Batteries: 2 x 12VDC/20AH, lead-acid batteries, two pieces.


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