ACM-30 bus control card

Product code: ACM-30

The ACM-30 bus controller card is a multi-line control board that can connect two multi-line control circuit cards at the same time. Multi-wire control includes 16 start LED status lights, 16 feedback LED status lights, 16 Buttons for manual control, key lock, [Mute] and [Check Light] keys and two indicators communication status:


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Product information

● Manual control button: press the button to send the command to start or stop the control device to the multi-line control circuit card, Time for 10 seconds; if the device corresponding to the node is in an error state, no command will be sent;

● LED start-up status light: after receiving the multi-current control circuit card control device event, the startup light will be on; within 10 seconds, If there is no monitored device event, the startup light will blink until the startup light stays on after receiving the monitored device event;

● LED feedback status light: After receiving the monitor device event of the multiline controller circuit card, the response will turn the light on or off;

● Keylock: used to enable or disable the functions of the 16 manual control buttons on the control panel;

● Muffling: When the communication between the multi-line controller card and the CPU fails, a buzzer will sound at 2Hz. At this time, press the [Mute] button After pressing the button, the buzzer will stop beeping. At the same time, clear the boot state and the error state;

● Light test: Press the [Check Light] button and 34 LEDs will flash alternately at 1HZ. At the same time, the horn beeps for a long time;

● Running status light: Indicates the communication status of two adjacent multi-line control circuit cards, if the communication is normal, the green light is always on On; on the contrary, yellow is always on; The multi-line panel is connected to the LCD display via a flat-line interface. The controller is equipped with more than 4 pieces of line control panels.


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