800 900 Series Linear Heat Detectors

Product code: 800 900 Series

The technical performance index of the linear temperature detector complies with GB16280-2005 "Linear fire sensor Temperature Detector", and passed the inspection of the National Fire Electronic Products Supervision and Inspection Center. detection The device is composed of a temperature sensing cable, a microcomputer modulator, a terminal box, and an intermediate junction box (optional). The wiring mode of wire system or bus system can be easily connected with other manufacturers' fire alarm controllers Matching and applicable, the products are widely used in industrial occasions such as cable corridors and oil depots.


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Product information

parameter 800 900 Series Linear Heat Detectors

-Working voltage: DC18 ~ 26V output relay

- Ambient temperature: environment temperature of microcomputer debugger -10°C ~ 60°C, ambient temperature of the detector Temperature -30°C ~ 60°C;

- Recoverable temperature: below 120°C

-Maximum long-term working humidity: 90%~98%, short up to 100%

- Electrical contact capacity: 1A/24VDC, 0.3A/220VAC microcomputer debugger, intermediate connection The protection level of the wire box and the terminal box are IP65

characteristic 800 900 Series Linear Heat Detectors

◆ It can be easily connected with any manufacturer's alarm controller or temperature monitoring system through the input module

◆ Two sets of independent passive relay contact outputs for fire alarm and fault alarm

◆ It can monitor the open circuit and short circuit fault of the sensing cable

◆ Sensing cable has recoverable function

◆ The detector has an alarm automatic recovery function

◆ The sensing cable adopts a twisted cable structure, which has strong resistance to mechanical damage and electromagnetic interference

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