Tyco Automatic Fire Nozzles

Manufacture: Tyco
Product code: TY-FRB313

Automatic sprinkler head sprinkler downward, upward, horizontal rotary origin UK, Korea, Taiwan, China ... Product code: TY-FRB313, TY-1151, TY-1251 ...


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Product information


Product name nozzles
manufacture Tyco
Origin England
Product code TY-FRB313
Temperature spraying 68º C
Flow 1.25 litter/second
Protection area  12m2
Warranty  12 months


Come to pcccdongnam.vn we provide Tyco nozzle, fire extinguisher of all kinds: Nitan, Tyco, Korea, Taiwan, China ...
Explosion temperatures: 57 degrees, 68 degrees, 72 degrees, 79 degrees, 93 degrees, 141 degrees, 182 degrees, 227 degrees, 260 degrees.
Flow: K2,8; K5,6; K8, K11,2; K14; K16,8; K25,2
In addition we also import drencher sprayers


You can refer to more: COOLING SPRAY CO2 AUTOMATIC, FM200


Please contact us at pcccdongnam.vn for more detailed advice on fire protection equipment. We are always willing to serve you!

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