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Manufacture: kvfire
Product code: Viking foam

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✅ foam nozzle catalog
✅ foam sprayer Foam nozzles are used in deluge foam systems to protect against the risk when foam must be applied overhead nozzles and must be followed by clean water following a standard sprinkler pattern. Foam nozzles protect the loading and unloading area in the event of a fire with a low-expansion foam system. This is useful in other broad applications including Air Craft Hangers.


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Product information

The KVfire foam nozzle is an open air suction type. The coverage pattern is similar to that of a regular sprinkler head. Saliva nozzles have a standard hole with a K-factor of 42. Foam nozzles are designed to operate at a minimum pressure of 2 bar and a maximum of 4.2 bar. Saliva nozzles with K-42 will deliver approximately 61 LPM at 2 bar pressure. Standard coverage for each Foam Injector is 9.3m2. (100 square miles)


Model F
Mounting Pendent
Maximum Working Pressure 12.3 Kg. Sq. Cm (175 PSI)
Operating Pressure 2.0 Bar (30 PSI) minimum 
4.2 Bar (60 PSI) maximum
End Connection 1/2" BSPT (1/2" NPT Optional)
Material Brass and Bronze
K-Factor K-42 standard
Other K-factor can be
provided as optional
Weight 0.750 Kg.
Ordering Information Please specify :
Model, End connection and Material

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