Two-wire Duct Smoke Detector SuperDuct Series SD-2W

Product code: SD-2W

SuperDuct is slim feature-rich alternative to bulky duct smoke detectors ⭐
✅ Designed for easy installation and superb reliability, SuperDuct represents the perfect balance of practical design and advanced technology.


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Product information

SuperDuct detectors feature a unique design that speeds installation and simplifies maintenance. Removable dust filters, conformally coated circuit boards, and optional water-resistant gaskets keep contaminants away components, ensuring years of trouble-free service. When cleaning is required, the assemblies come apart easily and snap back together in seconds.

- SuperDuct detectors use differential sensing to prevent gradual environmental changes triggering false alarms. A rapid change in environmental conditions, such as smoke a fire, causes the detector to automatically signal an alarm condition but dust and debris accumulated over time does not change alarm sensitivity.

The detector assembly cover provides easy access to the smoke sensor, its wiring connections, sample and exhaust tube fittings, and the smoke chamber itself. Air enters the detector’s sensing chamber through a sampling tube (ordered separately) that extends the duct and is directed back the ventilation system through an exhaust tube (included). The difference in air pressure between the two tubes pulls the sampled air through the sensing chamber. When a sufficient amount of smoke is detected in the sensing chamber, the detector initiates an alarm.

Standard Features

Smoke Sensor

• PCB mounted photoelectric detector with onboard intelligence

• Environmental compensation with differential sensing for reliable, stable, and drift-free sensitivity

• Wide 0.79% to 2.46% obscuration/ft. smoke sensitivity

Detector assembly

• Less than 2" deep for easy installation and applications where space is tight

• -4°F to 158°F (-20°C to 70°C) operating range with 100 ft/min. to 4,000 ft/min air velocity rating assures reliability under harsh environmental conditions

• Status LEDs remain visible through clear assembly cover

• Cover monitor switch for added security

• Standard sampling tube spacing for easy drop-in migration other detectors

• Sampling tube can be installed with or without the cover in place and can be rotated in 45-degree increments to ensure proper alignment with duct airflow

• On-board Alarm, Trouble, and Dirty LEDs

• Magnet-activated test switch

• One Form C auxiliary alarm relay for controlling ancillary equipment (e.g., HVAC controls)

• Easy access to field connection terminals


The SuperDuct two-wire duct smoke detector is ideally suited to applications where early indication of combustion is required within the confined space of ventilation ductwork. Its primary purpose is to provide early warning of an impending fire and to prevent smoke circulating throughout the building. It is typically used to detect smoke in the supply side of the HVAC system but can provide supervision of the return side as well.

Two-wire Duct Smoke Detector SuperDuct Series SD-2W

- SuperDuct detectors continually sample air flow in the HVAC duct and initiate an alarm condition whenever smoke is detected. An alarm is activated when the quantity (percent obscuration) of combustion products in that air sample exceeds the detector’s sensitivity setting.

- Air velocity in the duct as low as 100 ft/min. maintains adequate air flow the sensor smoke chamber through air holes in the air sampling tube and discharges through the exhaust tube. SuperDuct air sampling tubes must be installed with the inlet holes facing the airstream. Sampling tubes may be rotated in 45-degree increments so that air-holes can be aligned to allow the unit to be mounted in virtually any angle relative to the airflow.

- The sampling tube may be installed either the duct side of the assembly or inside the sensor compartment, as preferred by the installer. (The exhaust tube must be installed the duct side.) Sampling tubes may be rotated in 45-degree increments so that air-holes can be aligned to allow the unit to be mounted at virtually any angle relative to the air flow.

- SuperDuct sensors are engineered to operate optimally under the harsh environmental conditions frequently found in HVAC ductwork. Nonetheless, before installing the detector, test the duct air velocity, temperature, and humidity to verify that it is within the operating range of the SuperDuct detector. Consult the SuperDuct installation sheet for details.


Two-wire Duct Smoke Detector SuperDuct Series SD-2W


Two-wire Duct Smoke Detector SuperDuct Series SD-2W


Two-wire Duct Smoke Detector SuperDuct Series SD-2W


Two-wire Duct Smoke Detector SuperDuct Series SD-2W

Specifications, detector

Dimensions 8.70 x 5.45 x 1.90 inches (221 x 138 x 48 mm)
Wire size 14 to 22 AWG
Detection method Photoelectric (light scattering principle)
Air velocity rating 100 to 4,000 ft/min and meets the required minimum air pressure differential
Air pressure differential 0.005 to 1.00 inches of water
Sensitivity 0.79 to 2.46 %/ft obscuration
Reset time 1 second, max
Power up time 30 seconds, max.
Alarm test response time 5 seconds
LED indicators Alarm (red), Trouble (yellow), Dirty (yellow
Common alarm relay Unsupervised and power-limited. Quantity: 1. Type: Form C. Ratings: 2.0 A at 30 Vdc (resistive)
Operating voltage 16 to 30 Vdc
Operating current Startup: 200 µA. Standby: 70 µA. Alarm: 5 to 100 mA.
Alarm impedance 50 to 750 Ohm
Operating Environment

Temperature (UL): -4 to 158 °F (-29 to 70 °C).

Temperature (ULC): -4 to 120 °F (-29 to 49 °C)

Relative humidity: 10 to 93%, noncondensing

Humidity 93% RH, noncondensing
Compatibility ID 0.0: IDC short circuit current < 100 mA 0.0: IDC short circuit current = 100 mA 1.0: IDC short circuit current > 100 mA

Ordering Information

Catalog Numbe Description Ship Wt. lb. (kg)
SD-2W Conventional SuperDuct Detecto 2.4 (1.1)


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