Remote Display Unit

Product code: Display Unit

Remote Display Units mimic the display of an AIR-Intelligence detector and provide a means of adding or positioning a graphical display where needed. An unlimited number of RDU's can be associated with a single detector. Interface is via the RS-485 SenseNET bus


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The unit consists of a 3U high metal front panel plate with a graphics overlay and a main PCB which contains terminals for power and RS-485 communications. An optional relay board can be added providing 'Fault' and four 'Alarm' relays at the display unit. Can be rack mounted or housed in a metal wall mount enclosure as shown.

Remote Display Unit

Key Features:

• Mimics the displays of the ASD-640, ASD-320 and the ASD-160H detectors.

• 26 bargraph segments with four (4) separate alarm indicators.

• Available in single wall mounted enclosure or in a 19” rack enclosure accommodating up to eight (8) RDUs.

• Compatible with SenseNET™ bus (RS-485 data highway).


• Aircraft Hangars

• Airport Terminals

• Anti-Smoking Enforcement

• Atria

• Cable Tunnels

• Ceiling Voids & Raised Floors

• Cleanrooms

• Coal Conveyers

• Computer Cabinets

• Computer Rooms

• Corrections Facilities

• Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Centers

• Engine Rooms

• Escalators

• Flour Mills

• Food Preparation Areas

• Freezer Warehouses

• Heritage Buildings

• High-End Residential

• Hospitals

• Hotel Lobbies

• Metro Tunnels

• Museums

• Paper Mills

• Record Storage Facilities

• Recycling Centers

• Semiconductor Fabrication

• Telecommunications Facilities

• Textile Areas

• Tobacco Plants

• Warehouses and Distributionv Centers

• Wood Recycling


Nominal Operating Voltage 24 volts ± 10%
Maximum Input Voltage Range 18 to 30 volts
Maximum Operating Current 40 mA
Operating Temperature Range 14° to 140°F (-10° to 60°C)
Storage Temperature Range -13° to 185°F (-25 to 85 °C)
Operating Humidity Range 0 to 90% (non-condensing)


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