AIR-IntelligenceTM ASD-320 Aspirating Smoke Detection

Manufacture: INGESCO
Product code: AIR-IntelligenceTM ASD-320

This equipment is only to be used in accordance with this specification. Failure to operate the equipment as specified may cause damage to the unit, injury or property damage.


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Product information

FEATURES AIR-IntelligenceTM ASD-320 Aspirating Smoke Detection

The following is a list of major features of the ASD-320:

• Patented “artificial intelligence” known as ClassiFire

• Laser Dust Discrimination (LDDTM)

• 330 feet (100 m) of pipe length

• Self-adjusting between the range of 0.05% and 2.0% obscuration

• Network compatible with other AIR-Intelligence detectors and Command Module


The ASD-320 is intended to provide small area incipient fire detection. This means that it is suitable for the substantial range of applications typified by small compartmentalized rooms, warehouse racking, or pieces of electronic or electromechanical equipment where it is desirable to achieve individual incipient fire reporting. In compartmentalized rooms, each compartment would normally use an individual AIR-Intelligence detector.

The ASD-320 is not intended to protect large areas, or to sample areas where there may be any difference in airflow rates or pressure differentials. If detection in environments conforming to these descriptions is required, other AIR-Intelligence products should be used.

AIR-IntelligenceTM ASD-320, Aspirating Smoke Detection System

Specifications AIR-IntelligenceTM ASD-320 Aspirating Smoke Detection

Specification Value
SELV rating (EN 60950) Class III
Supply Voltage 21.6V - 26.4V DC
Size 300 W x 220 H x 90 D (mm)
11.8 W x 8.6 H x 3.5 D (in.)
Weight 8.4 lbs. (3.8 kg) with docking station
Operating temperature range 32° to 100°F (0° to 38°C) (UL 268 compliance)
Operating humidity range 0 - 90% Non Condensing
BS EN 61010-1 Pollution degree 1
BS EN 61010-1 Installation Cat. II
Sensitivity range (Obs/ft) Min = 25% Max = 0.03% FSD
Maximum sensitivity resolution 0.0015% Obs/m
Detection principle Laser light scattering mass detection
Particle sensitivity range 0.0003m to 10m
Current consumption 400mA
Relay contact rating 500mA @ 30V
Maximum sampling pipe length 330 feet (100 meters) total
Sampling pipe inlets 3
Sampling pipe internal diameter 15-25mm {Adapters are required for pipes <1 inch
(27mm) O.D. pipe}
Alarm levels 4 (Fire 2, Fire 1, Pre-Alarm and Aux)
1 relay as standard, others available
Chamber service intervals Greater than 8 years (depending on environment)
Dust separator (filter) replacement intervals Greater than 5 years (depending on environment)
Laser lifetime (MTTF) Greater than 1000 years
Programming PC via RS232/RS485
Data bus cable RS485 data cable
Data bus length 3/4 mile (1.2 km)
IP rating IP50
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