Trung Tam Bao Chay, Fire Alarm Panel 2 zones 4 zone 8 zones BiWire Flexi

Manufacture: Eaton Cooper
Product code: EFBW2FLEXI (2 zone), EFBW4FLEXI ( 4 zone), EFBW8FL

EFBW2FLEXI (2 zones), EFBW4FLEXI (4 zones), EFBW8FLEXI (8 zones) The BiWire Flexi fire alarm panel combines two technologies to provide a truly flexible fire safety solution, the control panel can be configured configuration to allow two-wire or conventional devices to operate on one zone. Each zone can be configured individually, so a mixture of types can be installed on the same system. This gives you the flexibility to utilize all the time-saving benefits of a two-wire system with the ability to use a wide variety of common equipment, as needed. , It has the same simple, intuitive interface as the 8 Zone conventional control panel, providing a proven solution for simple programming and maintenance. The BiWire Flexi fire alarm system is EN54 part 2 and 4 certified and designed to meet the recommendations of BS 5839.


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2-zone control panel BiWire Flexi EFBW2FLEXI
4-zone control panel BiWire Flexi EFBW4FLEXI
8-zone control panel BiWire Flexi EFBW8FLEXI


Power specification (2x MB512 batteries required. Battery not included)
Input voltage range 18,75 - 30,7V
Maximum current battery 2,7A
Zone circuit
Zone number 2-4-8
Equipment for each zone BiWire mode: Up to 32 BiWire probes and manual call points, total load including BiWire audio transmitter should not exceed 200mA during alarms Normal mode: Up to 32 conventional probes and manual call points conventional degrees: Up to 10 intrinsically safe probes and manual call points
Maximum load per region 200mA
Standby area voltage Vmin 19Vdc
Vmax 23Vdc
Alarm zone voltage Vmin 31Vdc
Vmax 33Vdc
Fuse per zone 250mA PTC
End of line BiWire Zone: Only EOLM-3 Standard Conventional Zones: EOLM-1 . Only Intrinsically Safe Zone: Resistor 6K8
Conventional audio circuit
Number of Sounder Circuits BiWire Flexi 2 & 4-zone control panel: 2 conventional audio circuits 8-zone control panel: no conventional audio circuitry if all zones are in mode BiWire 8-zone control panel: 2 normal audio circuits if up to 4 zones in normal mode BiWire Flexi 8-zone control panel: 4 normal audio circuits if 5 or more zones are in normal mode
Maximum load per region 500mA
Fuse protection on each circuit 500mA PTC
Điện trở cuối dòng Điện trở 6K8 
Kết quả đầu ra không được giám sát
Cháy, lỗi, chuyển tiếp liên kết Loại - Không có Volt,
Xếp hạng Ném Đôi Đơn Cực - 30V DC,
Cầu chì 1A - PTC 500mA
Đầu ra phụ trợ V - 18.15-30.7V
Imax - 50mA
Fuse - 50mA PTC
Unmonitored input
Change Open circuit -Short circuit normal control panel operation - Activate all audio controls
The web of communication
Repeater port (use of this port is outside the scope of EN54) Loại -
Nút RS485 - 1
Working temperature -5 ° C to + 40 ° C
Relative Humidity (No condensation) 93% +/- 3% 
Ip protections IP30
Mechanical structure
Weight (battery not included) 2,25kg
Structure PC ABS front and rear
Caple location Drilling position 29 x 20mm - Rear cable slot
Caple type Firetuf FT120 / FP200
1.5mm 2-core cable type, screened fire-resistant cable, 500m (Maximum per zone)
Tiêu chuẩn tuân thủ
Standrad EN54 Part 2 CIE & Part 4 PSE, BS5839-pt1

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