Regular Eaton FXSOLWRS and FXSOLWRD Room Fire Alarms

Manufacture: Eaton Cooper

Eaton's line of visual alarms for common fire systems comes in wall and ceiling variants, atible with both shallow and deep bottoms
⭐Patented lens design distributes light to achieve achieves the required illumination according to EN54-23 while using minimal current consumption Designed for installation at heights up to 3m and with its compact, discrete appearance, the ideal device for a variety of applications including bedrooms, bathrooms and toilets


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Solista Wall Red Body Shallow Base, FXSOLWRS FXSOLWRS
Solista Wall Red Body Deep Base, FXSOLWRD FXSOLWRD
Solista Ceiling Body Shallow Base, FXSOLCWS FXSOLCWS


Mounting type Wall Celling
Voltage 9 - 60Vdc 9 - 60Vdc
Curent 10 - 25mA depends on setting 10 - 25mA depends on setting

7.5m at high output setting

2.5m at low output setting

7.5m at high output setting

2.5m at low output setting

Maximum mounting height 2,4m (max)  3m (max)
Insurance code W - 2,4 - 7,5  C - 3 - 7,5
Coverable volume 135m³ (15 minute) 132m³ (21m³)
Speed flash 1Hz(Can be converted to 0.5Hz) 1Hz (Can be converted to 0.5Hz)
Temperature -25ºC to + 70ºC -25ºC to + 70ºC
Monitoring Reverse polarity Reverse polarity
protection Ip class IP33C - Shallow soles
IP65 - Deep sole
IP33C - Shallow soles
IP65 - Deep sole
Weight 100g  100g 
Color Red White
Color Flash Red White
Dimension (Dia x D) Shallow - 93mm x
Deep 38mm - 93mm x 66mm
Nông - 93mm x
sâu 37mm - 93mm x 65mm

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