Temporal Horns and Horn-strobes INT Series

Manufacture: kidde
Product code: INT Series

✅ Integrity temporal horns and temporal horn-strobes are specially designed for use with compatible life safety communication and control equipment to alert occupants of a life safety event ✔️
✅ The horn emits a piercing low frequency sound that is easily heard above moderate ambient noise levels. The flash its strobe can be noticed almost any position in the room, corridor, or large open space.


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Product information

- Integrity’s rugged plastic housing is made durable and fire retardant, high impact plastic with a slightly textured surface. Its ingenious mounting plate firmly holds the device in place with a single screw. A separate trim plate is not required. Terminals accept up to #12 AWG (2.5mm²) wire for polarized connections.

- Strobes are shipped with standard wall mount style “FIRE” lens markings. Where ceiling orientation, other languages, or different lens markings are required, LKW and LKC series Lens Marking Kits are also available. These optional lens markings simply snap on to the strobe.

- Integrity horns and horn-strobes are designed for 16 to 33 Vdc operation and must be connected to signal circuits that output a constant (not pulsed) voltage. A diode is used to allow full signal circuit supervision.

Standard Features

• UL 1971-listed synchronizing strobe

- Integrity strobes synchronize to the latest UL 1971 requirements when used with a synchronization source.

• Adjustable Audible Output

- temporal or continuous tones, and High setting for 98 dBA output or Low setting for 94 dBA sound output.

• Genesis-compatible

- All Genesis and Integrity strobes on the same circuit meet UL 1971 synchronization requirements when used with an external control module.

• Approved for public and private mode applications

- UL 1971-listed as signaling devices for the hearing impaired and UL 1638-listed as protective visual signaling appliances.

• Durable red or white Noryl front plate

- Ideal for outdoor, industrial or harsh environments.

• Field changeable field markings

- Lens language or standard “FIRE” marking is easily changed with optional LKW and LKC series lens kits.

• Easy Installation

- Flush mount to standard North American 4” square or twogang box. Integrity’s universal mounting plate allows it to be wired and then hanging free for easy inspection and testing before it is fastened to the electrical box.



- During installation, the horn is configured for steady or temporal tone signal and either low (94 dBA) or high (98 dBA) output. When temporal output is selected all horns on a common two-wire circuit are self-synchronized (see specifications). External control modules are not required for audible synchronization.

-Suggested sound pressure level for each signaling zone used with alert or alarm signals is at least 15dB above the average ambient sound level, or 5dB above the maximum sound level having a duration of at least 60 seconds, whichever is greater, measured 5’ (1.5m) above the floor. The average ambient sound level is the RMS, A-weighted sound pressure measured over a 24-hour period

- Doubling the distance the signal to the ear will theoretically result in a 6 dB reduction of the received sound pressure level. The actual effect depends on the acoustic properties of materials in the space. A 3 dBA difference represents a barely noticeable change in volume

Temporal Horns and Horn-strobes INT Series


- Strobes are UL 1971-listed for use indoors as wall-mounted publicmode notification appliances for the hearing impaired. Prevailing codes require strobes to be used where ambient noise conditions exceed specified levels, where occupants use hearing protection, and in areas of public accommodation. Consult with your Authority Having Jurisdiction for details

- As part of the Enhanced Integrity line of products, INT Series strobes exceed UL synchronization requirements (within 10 milliseconds other over a two-hour period) when used with a synchronization source. Synchronization is important in order to avoid epileptic sensitivity

- Integrity strobes are fully compatible with Genesis Series signals.


Rated Strobe Output

- candela (cd)

UL 1638 N/A (horn only) 15 cd (indoor only) 75 cd 30 cd 110 cd
UL 1971 15 cd (wall mount only)

15 cd wall

15 cd ceiling

30 cd wall

15 cd ceiling

110 cd wall

60 cd ceiling

ULC S526 15 cd 75 cd 30 cd 120 cd
Standalone Synchronization Characteristics (note 2) Strobe flash at 1 per second within 200 milliseconds on common circuit Horn pulses at temporal rate within 200 milliseconds on common circuit
Operating Volts Strobe: 16-33 Vdc or Vfwr Continuous Horn: 16-33 Vdc or Vfwr Continuous
Horn Output (note 1) Anechoic: High Setting - 104 dBA (peak)/98 dBA (avg); Low Setting - 99 dBA (peak)/94 dBA (avg) Reverberent: High Setting - 85 dBA (continuous)/82 dBA (temporal); Low Setting - 82 dBA (continuous)/75 dBA (temporal)
Horn Current

High Output: 40 mA @ 24 Vdc; 55mA @ 24 Vrms FWR

Low Output: 20 mA @ 24 Vdc; 28 mA @ 24 Vrms FWR

Strobe Flash Synchronization Synchronized at one flash per second. External control module necessary to meet UL 1971 synchronization requirements of 10 milliseconds over a two-hour period.
Synchronization Sources EG1M-RM, GSA-CC1S, GSA-MCC1S, MIRBPS6A, MIRBPS10A, APS6A, APS10A
Strobe Marking Supplied with LKW-1 “FIRE” red letters, vertical both sides (Wall Mount) - see LKW and LKC series for ceiling style and optional markings.
Flash Tube Enclosure Clear LEXAN with white marking sleeve
Housing Textured, color impregnated engineered plastics - exceeds 94V-0 UL flammability rating
Wire Connections Terminals - separate, polarized inputs for Horn & Strobe, #12 AWG (2.5mm²) maximum
INDOOR Operating Environment 32-120° F (0-49° C) ambient temperature. 93% relative humidity @ 40° C
OUTDOOR Operating Environment (must use weatherproof box)

98% relative humidity @ 40° C; -31-150° F (-35-66° C) ambient temperature

(INT-7A: rated at 17.7 cd @ -35° C per UL/@ -40° C per ULC)

(INT-8A: rated at 70.7 cd @ -35° C per UL/@ -40° C per ULC)

Mounting - INDOOR

Flush: North-American 2-gang box, 3” high x 4” wide x 2¾” (69 mm) minimum

Surface: INT-SB Back box Bi-directional: INT-BDF Mounting Frame

Mounting - OUTDOOR Surface: INT-WB Weatherproof Box
Agency Listings UL 1971, UL 1638, UL 464, ULC S526, ULC S525, MEA, CSFM, FM (All models comply with ADA Code of Federal Regulation Chapter 28 Part 36 Final Rule)

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Temporal Horns and Horn-strobes INT Series



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