Sounder Sounder VAD FXSYG1WR and FXSYG1WR-WP

Manufacture: Eaton Cooper
Product code: FXSYG1WR & FXSYG1WR-WP

The VAD (visual alarm device) sounder for conventional fire alarm systems is a red, durable beacon sounder that is EN54-23 certified and guarantees energy efficiency and reliability
⭐ Its design is focused low current consumption with patented optics, switchable coverage volume, soft start with reduced circuit load and peak current, and optional settings of 0.5Hz or 1Hz are all aimed at minimizing power waste. High sound power should be suitable for open areas such as warehouses or factories. As standard, a UK alarm tone is included with an “E” version that combines German DIN and Dutch Slow. Options are also available for IP66 weatherproof versions of both basic and full equipment only.


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Conventional Sounder VAD - Red body, FXSYG1WR FXSYG1WR
Conventional Sounder AND Weatherproof - Red body, FXSYG1WR-WP FXSYG1WR-WP


Description FXSYG1W VAD . Conventional Pronunciation Kit FXSYG1W Conventional Speaker VAD Weather Resistant
Mounting Wall Wall
Voltage 18 - 28Vdc (Use fire) 18 - 28Vdc (Use fire)
Curent 15 - 30mA depending on settings (Sounder; negative 29) 15 - 30mA depends on the setting (Sounder; negative 3)
Relevance 7.5m (Can be converted to 2.5m) 7.5m (Can be converted to 2.5m)
Height 2,4m (max) 2,4m (max)
Weigth W-2,4-7,5 W-2,4-7,5
Coverage area 135 m³ (15 m³) 135 m³ (15 m³)
Speed Flash 1Hz (Can be converted to 0.5Hz) 1Hz (Can be converted to 0.5Hz)
Working temperature -10ºC to + 55ºC -25ºC to + 70ºC
Monitoring Reverse polarity Reverse polarity
IP Protections class IP21C IP66
Weight 200g 200g
Color Red Red
Color Flash Red White or Red
Output sound 100dB (A) (Typical Sound 29 - Symphony) 100dB (A)(Typical Sound 29 - Symphony)

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