Smoke Detectors with Auxiliary Functions 500 Series

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Product code: 500 Series

500 Series ⭐
✅ two-wire conventional photoelectric smoke detectors bring together trusted technology and a full line of features that meet the demands of every type of application. The 500 offers sounders in two-wire applications, specifically to meet residential code requirements.


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Product information

- Kidde is also proud to offer proven technology like CleanMe®, dust compensation, field replaceable optical chambers, and selfdiagnostics. CleanMe® is only available on the 500 2-wire models and will communicate with compatible FACPs when servicing is required.

- 500 Series detectors work on a light-scattering principle. A pulsed infrared light-emitting diode serves as the light source, and a highspeed photo diode as the sensing element. This design has superior protection against nuisance alarms caused by dust, insects, RF interference, and ambient light.

- The proprietary optical chamber is field replaceable. In the event of a confirmed alarm the LED will light continuously. The unit indicates trouble by flashing the LED every second. This meets the NFPA 72 field sensitivity testing requirements.

- Additional diagnostic information is activated by applying a magnet near the detector’s integral reed switch. This initiates a self-diagnostic routine and provides visual indication of sensitivity level, or if service is required. The magnet test causes the LED to blink. The number of blink counts corresponds to a smoke detector sensitivity range.

- Models with a built-in 85dB sounders emit the temporal 3 pattern and can be easily tandemly interconnected using the 405-05 polarity reversal relay. This enables all detectors to sound when the initiating detector sounds and meets the requirement of the International Residential Building Code (IRC).

Standard Features

• Remote maintenance (CleanMe®) reporting and builtin drift compensation reduces false alarms

• Self-diagnostics meets NFPA 72 sensitivity testing requirements without the need for external meters

• Field-replaceable optical chamber makes service fast and simple

• Large SEMS screw terminals accept 12-18 AWG wire

• Small, low profile design blends with any environment

• Optional auxiliary functions include:

• Integral sounder with optional tandem interconnection

• Auxiliary relay Listed for applications such as elevator recall

• Fire system isolated heat integrated with nonlatching single station smoke alarm

• Integral fixed/ROR heat detectors

• Adaptor plate enables replacing 500 Series with legacy 400 Series smoke detectors


500 Series detectors are ideal for both retrofit applications and new installations alike. They are particularly well-suited for installations where detector reliability is essential, but where typical analog/addressable devices may not be appropriate or feasible. With their replaceable optical chambers, these detectors are equally well-suited to dusty environments where detectors require frequent cleaning.


Smoke Detectors with Auxiliary Functions 500 Series


Smoke Detectors with Auxiliary Functions 500 Series

Typical Wiring

Smoke Detectors with Auxiliary Functions 500 Series



Power Supply 8.5-33VDC (12/24 V operation) polarity sensitive
Maximum ripple pk-pk (6/12/24V) 10% (Vpk-pk)
Typical average standby current 70 μA
Typical alarm current (6/12/24V) up to 60 mA max if not limited by control panel
Auxiliary relay contacts (521NCRXT only 1.0 A @ 30 VDC; Form C
Photoelectric sensitivity 3.1% + 0.5 - 1.0%


Operating temperature 32° to 100° F (0° to 37° C)
Operating humidity range 0 to 95% non-condensing
RFI immunity 20 V/m min; 0-1000 MHz


Color White
Field wiring size 12-18 AWG (16-22 recommended)
Heat detector specifications Rate-of-Rise: 15° F/min and >105° F (8.3° C/min and >40.6° C) Fixed Threshold: 135° F (57.2° C)
UL 2-wire compatibility identifiers S09A, S10A, S11A
Sounder output (521NCSXT only) 85dB @ 10 feet
Drift compensation adjustment 1.0% ft. max
Detector head dimensions 5.5 D x 2" H (14.0 x 5 cm)
Mounting dimensions 5.25" (13.3 cm) diam


Reset time 1 second min

500N Series:

521B, 521BXT:

UL 268 cUL, CSFM

UL 268, CSFM

Ordering Information

Model Description Compatibility Alarm Current (mA) Reverse polarity (mA)
521B 2-wire, photoelectric, 8.5-33VDC; UL 268, CSFM Listed S09A/S10A 5 min. - 60 max.  
521BXT 2-wire, photoelectric, 8.5-33VDC, fixed temp and rate-of-rise heat; UL 268, CSFM Listed S09A/S10A 5 min. - 60 max.  
521NCRXT 2-wire, photoelectric, 8.5-33VDC, fixed temp and rate-of-rise heat, aux. relay; UL 268, cUL, CSFM Listed S11A 15 min. - 60 max.  
521NCSXT 2-wire, photoelectric, 8.5-33VDC, fixed temp and rate-of-rise heat, temporal 3 sounder; UL 268, cUL, CSFM Listed S10A 10 min. - 60 max 10
Note: Only 500 Series 2-wire smoke detectors are CleanMe compatible


405-05 Polarity reversal module enables sounder interconnection of all 4-wire smoke detectors, when initiating detector sounds all smokes sound
SM200-12PKG Smoke! in a Can® canned smoke for functional testing
SM-EXT1 Smoke! in a Can® extension tube
211-10PKG Replacement optical chambers (set of 10)


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