Smoke Detector Guard SIGA-DG

Manufacture: kidde
Product code: SIGA-DG

✅ Smoke Detector Guard protects Signature Series smoke detectors damage and tampering without affecting airflow to the detector head ⭐
✅ The sophisticated louver configuration on the detector guard allows Signature smoke detectors to be installed at their listed spacing and has no affect on the detector’s selected operating sensitivity. The guard is constructed of rugged 16-guage steel and is finished with durable white baked powder coat enamel.


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Product information

Standard Features

• Agency listed with Signature Series . smoke detectors

- Tested and listed by Underwriters' Laboratories Inc.

• Compatible with Signature Series 4D and PS smoke detectors

- Advanced design does not affect detector sensitivity; does not reduce the listed detector spacing.

• Rugged, tamper-proof design

- 16 gauge steel louvered construction provides superior physical protection . Special fasteners guards against unauthorized access to the detector.

• Easy mounting

- Simple design ensures a very fasst, very secure installation, yet allows easy removal for detector and inspection.

• Flat or surface mount

- SIGA-DGSB surface mount accessory allows installation over surfaces mounted conduit and electrical boxes 

Installation and Mounting

The SIGA-DG may be mounted one of three ways:

1. Directly to the ceiling, enclosing a detector installed to a flush-mounted electrical box.

2. To the SIGA-DGSB Surface Mount Adapter, which encloses a surface-mount electrical box.

3. To the optional mounting flange. This accessory is useful where the detector guard is removed periodically for inspection

Smoke Detector Guard SIGA-DG


Smoke Detector Guard SIGA-DG

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Smoke Detector Guard SIGA-DG

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